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Primitive Race announces limited vinyl edition of latest album dedicated to Chuck Mosley
In a special dedication to the band’s late front man Chuck Mosley, Primitive Race has announced a limited vinyl edition of Soul Pretender, the group’s second full-length album. “This was a really special record and experience to have shared with Mark Thwaite, Dale Crover, Erie Loch, and Chuck,” states founder/bassist Chris Kniker, “and it only felt right to give these songs a vinyl treatment to commemorate what we created. It feels like the right way to physically honor our all too brief era with Chuck.” Pre-orders for the blue vinyl 12-inch of Soul Pretender are now available via QRates, with all profits to be donated to MusiCares, a foundation affiliated with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to benefit substance abuse treatments for artists battling addiction. Previously, the band had announced that 100% of album sales would be donated to the foundation, with CD and digital formats available via Metropolis Records

Following the industrial/alternative supergroup’s self-titled debut in 2016, Mosley had joined Primitive Race the following year as the band’s main vocalist; he passed away less than a week after Soul Pretender‘s release on November 3. “When I listened to the music, ideas just came pouring out,” Mosley had stated about his collaboration with the band. “When we completed the first few tracks, I found myself wishing I had written them. Not just the lyrics…just good heavy riffs and grooves really sucked me in. The melodies and words came super easy with this music. Even though it’s a whole different vibe it brought out a side of me I haven’t experienced since writing with Faith No More.”
Director/musician Drew Fortier is currently directing a documentary about Mosley, titled Thanks. And Sorry: The Chuck Mosley Movie, produced by Douglas Esper.


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