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Pitchshifter releases new music in anticipation of upcoming tour
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band’s biggest selling album, 1998’s www.Pitchshifter.com, Pitchshifter has announced a series of live dates in the U.K. in late November. This tour marks the group’s return to performing live after more than a decade on hiatus, with support from Earthtone9. The tour begins on Monday, November 19 in Portsmouth with Seething Akira and continuing until Saturday, November 24 in the band’s hometown of Nottingham; a full listing of dates can be found on Pitchshifter’s Facebook profile. In a recent InterView with ReGen Magazine, front man J.S. Clayden remarked, “I have no idea when/if we’ll ever play again (we may not physically make it to 2028), and so come and commune with us on the madness while there’s still gas in the tank.”
In anticipation of the tour, Pitchshifter has unveiled its Bandcamp page, on which the band has made available the None for All and All for One EP, originally released in 2006 and given as a free item for every ticket purchased on that year’s Back from the Dead Tour; it had also been offered via the band’s webstore for a limited time until October of 2007, making this the first time the EP is widely available.

In addition, Pitchshifter has dropped a series of demos and unreleased tracks – among them are acoustic and electric versions of “Stop Talking (So Loud),” both recorded in 2002 during the PSI sessions. “Messiah” was recorded in 2007 and part of the limited edition Cohesion CD given away at Pitchshifter live shows in London and Nottingham in October of that year, while “Apply Yourself” was recorded in 2009 during sessions for what would’ve been a new Pitchshifter album that ultimately never materialized.


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


  1. matt brain says:

    Seriously, the moves that Pitchshifter has made from grindcore to today (2007) has been curious and rude (in a good way); the sounds have changed but the music has not.
    Stoked does not describe the level of my enthusiasm.

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