Mar 2018 13

PIGFest 3.0 announced, co-sponsored by ReGen Magazine
ReGen Magazine is proud to be named a sponsor of the 2018 PIGFest – PIGFest 3.0 – taking place over three days in August. Founded originally in 2007, the Portland Industrial Gothic Festival features the best of the underground music scene in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas, with this year’s event spanning the weekend of Friday, August 10 to Sunday, August 12 at the Paris Theater. Included in this year’s lineup are God Module, Unter Null, 16volt, NoLongerHuman, Strap On Halo, Murder Weapons, D13 R0807 (DIE ROBOT), Particle Son, BL∆KK GL∆SS, and more! Also included in this year’s lineup is a special reformation of electro/industrial supergroup H3LLB3NT, marking the first activity from the band since 2001’s Hardcore Vanilla album – the band’s lineup will feature founding member Eric Powell, joined by John “Servo” DeSalvo (Chemlab/16volt/BILE/Panzie) and Steve Hickey (16volt). Tickets and additional information can be found via the PIGFest website and Facebook event page.
Be sure to check out ReGen for further updates and features about the artists performing at PIGFest 3.0!


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16volt/Murder Creek
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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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