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Pigface celebrates 25th anniversary in Chicago art exhibitMusician/label owner/entrepreneur Martin Atkins, in association with and SAW Chicago Music Business, will be presenting PIGFACE25 – an art exhibit at Chicago’s 2112 Inc. to celebrate the 25th anniversary of renowned musical collective Pigface. Featuring over 50 pieces of handmade custom scenery to span the group’s 18 albums and 12 tours, the installation opens on Thursday, March 31, and will be on display through May 5. In addition, a sculpture from the 1994 album Notes from Thee underground, an interactive photo wall, and pieces of Atkins’ stage wear, including a punk suit created by Oscar winning designer Sandy Powell. A reception will be hosted on the opening night of PIGFACE25, including guided tours, gallery talks, and scheduled performances; a full programming schedule can be found on the 2112 Inc. website.
Pigface first formed in 1990 as a collaboration between Atkins and William Rieflin, both drummers in MINISTRY for the tour for The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste. Over the course of the band’s many albums, over 300 musicians and performing artists would participate, encompassing various genres from industrial to rock to jazz and all points in between. The group’s most recent full-length album release was 2009’s 6 on Full Effect Records.


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