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Pigface announces Black Friday reunuion showCelebrating the industrial supergroup’s 25th anniversary and following up on the successful PIGFACE25 art exhibition in spring, Martin Atkins has announced that Pigface will reunite; scheduled to take place on November 25 (Black Friday) at the House of Blues in Chicago. Special guests for the performance include Ruby and Dead Voices on Air, with more to be announced. Beginning in 1991 as what Atkins describes as “an experiment in what could be done in the studio,” the group underwent numerous permutations, featuring over 300 musicians and performing artists over the course of its 25 year existence, “unintentionally creating a kind of family where information, support, and respect were freely exchanged.” Of the reunion show, Atkins comments, “I thought I was announcing a gig, instead I’m remembering that vibe and looking forwards to celebrating this crazy thing that has linked us all.” Saying that he was “very lucky, and honored, to have played with Pigface,” regular Pigface collaborator Steven Seibold comments, “Please, come out in November. I’d love for us to share this unhinged experience again, or, for the first time.”
Tickets for the event are now available; in addition, an “Almost Free” Fan pack is available for purchase, including two extended Golden Circle tickets, two Pigface T-shirts, and $50 in coupons for Pigface merch. While the specifics have not been announced, Atkins states this incarnation of Pigface to be “The wildest line up ever!”


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