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PIG vs. Primitive Race premieres new music video, offer free downloadHaving recently announced the band’s signing to Metropolis Records, with a projected release date of June 19 for the Long in the Tooth debut EP, industrial/rock supergroup PIG vs. Primitive Race will be unveiling a new music video for the title track, “Long in the Tooth.” Featuring a series of dark and surreal images in the vein of The Ring, the video is the first official release from the band since its formation in 2013. Of the song, band founder Chris Kniker states, “I worked on a riff. Then Erie (Loch) added to it and Raymond (Watts) did his thing. By the time we bounced ideas back and forth we had something we felt was pretty cool. Everything kind of snowballed from there.”
In addition, a free download of the Joe Haze mix of “Long in the Tooth” has been made available via FanBridge Widget. The full-length album will be released via Metropolis Records on June 19.
Founded by Kniker, Primitive Race features appearances by many luminaries of the electro/industrial scene. “I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to meet and have a great group of talented friends,” says Kniker. “From an early age, I always had a deep admiration for collaborations between artists from different groups and genres. The comradery and creativeness that came from artists on cool labels like WaxTrax!, Dischord, Ipecac and Alternative Tentacles always interested and inspired me. I wanted to try and harness some of that spirit.”
Pre-orders for Long in the Tooth are now available via the Metropolis Records mail-order website.
As an April Fool’s joke, the band released a version of the video, featuring the first 30 seconds of the song before fading into a continuous loop of Primitive Race founder Chris Kniker laughing.


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