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With the Divine Descent Tour approaching, industrial/rock icon <PIG> has released a lyric video for a new track, “Mobocracy.” Written, produced, and mixed by the Lord of Lard Raymond Watts at his London Ranch Apocalypse studio, the song serves as the title track to a new EP that will be available only on the tour, which takes place from September 19 in Toronto, ON until October 6 in Minneapolis, MN; the Mobocracy EP will be part of the V.I.P. packages, which can be purchased via <PIG>’s website. The EP also features thew new track “Divine Descent,” as well as two remixes – The Joy Thieves’ remix of “Confession” (the original track from The Wages of Sin hog tag EP released earlier this year), and Trade Secrets’ remix of “Ecstasy & Exorcism.” The lyric video was directed by Kill Switch Auto with graphics by Mark Griffiths; the actual words were hand written by the Mighty Swine, Mr. Watts himself.

Joining the Divine Descent Tour as support acts will be Cyanotic and A Primitive Evolution, with <PIG> also slated to perform a headlining set on the September 22 date of this year’s ColdWaves VIII in Chicago; a full listing of tour dates can be found on the bands’ websites.


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