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Having just completed a momentous co-headlining performance with Cubanate at London’s Electrowerkz and with the Candy album nearing its release date, <PIG> has premiered via AltPress his latest music video, in which he covers the romantic hit “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling.” Directed by photographer extraordinaire and regular <PIG> collaborator E Gabriel Edvy of Blackswitch Labs, the video presents a surreal and dreamy visual complement to the track’s lush arrangements and the vocal interplay between the seething raspy croon of Raymond Watts and the harmonious accompaniment of Sasha Grey. Made famous in 1964 by The Righteous Brothers, Watts refers to the song as “a bitter pill wrapped in a sweet thrill,” a song that simply had to be covered and performed as a duet with Grey; the pair also collaborated on a cover of KC & The Sunshine Band’s “That’s the Way (I Like It),” released as a single in August 2018 and also included on Candy. Watts states of Grey’s involvement, “I love the dialogue in the song and her voice makes the sentiment in the words even more poignant. Her delivery perfectly captures how the wound of loss can become almost mundane.”

Candy is due for release via Armalyte Industries on June 21; the album features covers of famous love songs, given the Might Swine’s swinging and sultry touch in which he exposes the sinister subtexts each song may possess, precursors to what Watts refers to as “downfall, demise and disaster.” He goes on to comment, “The original versions of the songs chosen might seem to some as one dimensional, but to me, they seem to work more as paeans to much darker obsessions, addictions, and the inevitable consequences.” Also included on the record’s 14 tracks are renditions of songs by Prince, INXS, Olivia Newton John, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Kylie Minogue, and more. Now available for pre-order, Candy will be available in digital and standard CD editions, along with two deluxe CD editions, all of which can be ordered via the Armalyte Industries website and Bandcamp; four collectible vinyl editions of the album are also available for pre-order exclusively through the Armalyte website.


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