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PIG and Cubanate go head-to-head for a co-headlining event at Electrowerkz
PIG and Cubanate are not only two of the most revered names in industrial/rock, but the two acts have shared a strong partnership through a seemingly unending series of collaborative songwriting and remixes. Now, for the first time in over 25 years, the two heavyweights will be sharing the stage at Electrowerkz, London on Saturday, June 1, 2019. Presented by Superluminal and Armalyte Industries, the momentous event will feature both bands delivering a powerhouse headlining set, with support coming from Sheffield’s Randolph & Mortimer, as well as DJ Gillywoo. Tickets for the PIG vs. Cubanate show go onsale via and at Noon on March 26.
This past Friday, March 22, PIG released the Stripped & Whipped remix companion to 2018’s Risen. Among others, the album featured remixes by Randolph & Mortimer and Cubanate’s Marc Heal under his MC Lord of the Flies moniker; Heal and Cubanate cohort Phil Barry also share a cowriting credit with PIG on the album track “Prey & Obey.”


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