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Phantom of the Black Hills announces fifth album
Phantom of the Black Hills - ScalpedKnown for its blend of bluesy, gothic roots with aggressive industrial-inspired rock, Phantom of the Black Hills has announced the release of its fifth album, Scalped, for August 25 via Ratchet Blade Records. With lyrics that “fire away at the corporate political establishment and the clowns they call their leaders,” the band states of the album, “Our previous records have either leaned more toward the roots music or toward the aggro approach, but on Scalped we’ve combined everything on one album.” In anticipation of the album’s release, the band has released the music video for “Wild Witch of the West,” which features Mather Louth of he Heathen Apostles on co-lead vocals; the video is stated to be an unofficial sequel to and contains footage from the Heathen Apostles’ “Fist City” video shot by Harmony Gerber. Scalped marks Phantom of the Black Hills’ fifth collaboration with producer Chopper Franklin, head of Ratchet Blade Records; Franklin also directed the video for “Wild Witch of the West.” The album is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp in CD and digital formats, along with a bonus CD of a Ratchet Blade Records sampler.



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