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Parade Ground releases limited edition cassetteBelgian electro/EBM group Parade Ground has released a limited edition cassette of the band’s third album, Sanctuary. Featuring production assistance from Patrick Codenys and Daniel B. (both of Front 242), this tape edition is limited to just 50 copies, and includes an MP3 download. The 14 track follow-up to the critically acclaimed second album Rosary echoes the synthpop sounds of the earlier album before moving into a darker, more complex and almost meditative space to create a feeling of, “Minimal, hypnotic, obsessive sounds both frightening and sacred. Like standing in a thick fog in front of the gates of eternity.” The limited edition cassette release of Sanctuary is available now through Other Voices Records.
Parade Ground members Jean-Marc Pauly and Pierre Pauly famously took part in the writing and recording of Front 242’s 06:21:03:11 UP Evil album in 1993.


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