May 2016 12

Original Misfits lineup to reunite for Riot FestIn a momentous occasion that many said would never occur, the original Misfits lineup will be reuniting to perform two headlining shows for this year’s Riot Fest in September. Featuring original singer/songwriter Glenn Danzig, original bassist Jerry Only, and guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, this marks the first time in 33 years the horror/punk progenitors will be together again. The headlining shows are to take place in Denver, CO on September 2-4, and in Chicago, IL on September 16-18. Tickets for the events are available via DO312 (The Do Stuff Network).
Misfits was originally formed in 1977 in Lodi, NJ by Glenn Danzig, releasing a stream of singles before recording in 1978 what would eventually be released in 1997 as Static Age. The band’s full-length debut, Walk Among Us, was finally released in 1982; the following year, Danzig left to form Samhain and then Danzig, leaving Only and Doyle to reform the band in 1995 with drummer David “Dr. Chud” Calabrese and vocalist Michael “Michale Graves” Emanuel. Since then, the Misfits lineup has shifted numerous times with Only as the only consistent member, though Doyle would make on-and-off appearances over the years, both in Misfits and Danzig’s own band, while also recording and touring under his own moniker.


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