May 2018 25

Orbital "back for good" with first new album in six years, European dates
After reuniting and touring Europe in 2017, brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll – known collectively as the legendary electronic act Orbital – have announced that they’re back for good, with the new single “Tiny Foldable Cities” released on May 11 as a prelude to the upcoming Monsters Exist album. Paul comments, “When you haven’t made an album in five years, it just comes tumbling out,” with Monsters Exist marking the duo’s first record since 2012’s Wonky, and due for release on September 14 via ACP Recordings.

Described by the brothers as a more classically structure Orbital album, the pair drew inspiration from the global situation, with Paul stating, “I was torn between writing a really aggressive crass-type album that says ‘Fuck the Man!’ or going back to rave sensibilities. You know, let’s really rebel by stepping away and actually living that alternative lifestyle.” Without pointing the finger at any specific figures, Phil states of the record “It’s a reflection on modern day monsters. That can mean anything from bankers and The Man, or your own demons and fears. The monsters inside you.” Monsters Exist will also feature a guest appearance from renowned physicist Prof. Brian Cox with an address on the possible end of the world, with Paul commenting, “It’s Brian being emo – Brian Emo.” Also returning will be avant-garde artist John Greenwood to create the album’s cover art, 20 years after first collaborating with Orbital as he designed the artwork for 1994’s Snivilisation and 1996’s In Sides. Monsters Exist will be released digitally, in standard CD and two-LP editions, and in deluxe two-disc and 4-LP box set editions that include remixes, instrumentals, and additional tracks.
In addition, Orbital has announced a string of high profile festival dates across Europe throughout 2018, beginning with today’s headlining appearance on BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend in Belfast, which will be broadcast live on BBC4 at 9:00pm local time; a full listing of tour dates, as well as pre-orders for Monsters Exist can be found via the Orbital website.


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