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Following hot on the heels of 2018’s TrickS album, electro/industrial act ohGr has teased on social media a new release to be announced soon. Over the past several weeks, the band has been posting brief studio clips and new logo images, including one on June 4 hinting at early session recordings from the band’s inception in 1995. Encouraging fans to subscribe to ohGr’s social media profiles, the goal is to involve the audience in the production process of new material, which the band had experimented with on past releases, most recently via the TrickS PledgeMusic campaign, although none of the clips released during that campaign were of actual songs from the final album. More information on the upcoming ohGr album will be announced soon, according to the band’s latest post; with new clips appearing daily since May 23 on all of ohGr’s social media platforms, each post presents a one-minute-long instrumental snippet (with the exception of the nearly two-minute-long “Dead of Night” clip on YouTube) set to hyperkinetic graphics showcasing a new ohGr logo. More can be heard via ohGr’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages.



Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Ilker YĆ¼cel (Ilker81x)

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