Jun 2018 04

Nordvargr releases soundtrack album to Jakob Charon film
Swedish dark industrial artist Henrik Nordvargr Björkk – a.k.a. Nordvargr – has released the soundtrack for the Polish movie Totem as a pay-what-you-want download through Bandcamp. The collection is a mixture of new compositions created exclusively for the Jakub Charon film and older, re-worked tracks, including some ambient material from Metempsychosis, which was created during the same time period and released on March 31 of this year via Cylic Law. Nordvargr is also continuing a 60% discount on his complete digital discography through the summer, announcing that he also has several additional projects due out this fall; among these new projects are a new MZ.412 album, collaborations with Trepaneringsritualen, and the third Anima Nostra album.


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