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Noblesse Oblige's Valerie Renay announces first solo release
Valerie Renay of Noblesse Oblige has announced her first independent solo release, “Living in Germany.” The bones of the song were written in a single whirlwind evening, the track blossoming into a hypnotic homage to the spirit and energy of Renay’s home city of Berlin with the assistance of producer and Pixies engineer Moses Schneider. The emotionally charged vocals, bewitching rhythm, and hypnotic bass lines come together to create a new genre that the artist has dubbed “visceral electronic neo punk.” An accompanying video directed by award winning filmmaker Jackie Baier explores the political disparity within the artist’s world and the delirium and desperation of its inhabitants, echoing the dark humor of the song. The “Living in Germany” single will be released October 17 on Bandcamp.


Valerie Renay
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Lizzie Marie (MenagerieMacabreArt)

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