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NightPulse releases second single, music video
Dark pop artist NightPulse (renowned drummer Lena Zawaideh, formerly of Bad Things) has released a new music video for “The Rush” via Nasty Gal/Nasty Galaxy. Zawaideh explains that although the song is an up-tempo dance track, it has a deeper message about “chasing elusive highs. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. ‘The Rush’ takes us through the journey to insanity – from the highs to the lows and back again.” In the video, Zawaideh interacts with a mannequin likeness of her, “which represents an extension of oneself – emotionally empty and detached from reality. It can be a numb, dead part of yourself that strives to feel a ‘rush’ again.”

Director Lindsey Byrnes was chosen “not only for her fiercely feminist spirit, but because I immediately felt comfortable opening up to her about my story.” Byrnes directed Zawaideh’s 2017 debut video “Delirious” and has also worked with Troye Sivan, Tegan and Sara, Laura Jane Grace, PVRIS, Paramore, and more.
Zawaideh began exploring electronic music after her previous band, Bad Things, which headlined Lollapalooza and toured with Phantogram and 30 Seconds To Mars, disbanded in 2015 before re-emerging as NightPulse. “It’s artistically liberating and exhilarating to see how far you can stretch yourself as a one-woman band,” she comments, using her alter-ego to confront stigmtized and difficult issues iincluding depression and sexuality.


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