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Kevin Haskins – best known as the drummer and a founding member for Bauhaus – was kind enough to supply ReGen with yet another update to his book project, a curated coffee table book chronicling the band’s history. Here’s what he had to say…


New update from Bauhaus founding member on upcoming coffee table book“Keeping very busy and cracking the whip in order to get the book ready on time. A few days ago, I was searching for an elusive photograph for the book. It’s a photo that I took from behind my drum kit just before the curtain opened on our ‘final’ concert back in 1983. During the process, I came across some little gems: a roll of black and white film that I took on a European tour of some candid moments, and I also came across a 1/4 tape of ‘Lagartija Nick.’ I honestly had no idea that I owned it; a very nice surprise! Announcement of the pre-sale date coming up very soon!” – Kevin Haskins, August 23, 2016


ReGen Magazine thanks Mr. Haskins for keeping us and our readers apprised of his progress and we are looking forward to the publication of what is sure to be a marvelous chronicle of one of the most influential bands to emerge in goth/rock and post-punk! Check for further updates at the book’s website.


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