Mar 2019 12

New single from noise artist NURS
New York dark ambient and electronica imprint Hexx 9 Records has released a new single from noise artist NURS, titled “Suckling.” The brainchild of Dia Xan, NURS presents a blend of caustic ambient noise and spoken word, presenting what the artist describes as “an internal monologue; someone talking to themselves,” with influence also culled from Plastikman’s Closer, drawing as much from the concept as the technique of stretched-out samples and utilizing the voice as “though it’s coming from within and in its own space.” She further explains that the track defines the sound of NURS with a greater confidence and purpose than her previous outpuet, which was “going in this direction, but less focused.” “Suckling” is now available via the Hexx 9 Records Bandcamp; the standalone single follows up on NURS’ Schism EP, released in June 2018. Fellow experimental artist Nils Sinatsch refers to the track as “loud, noisy, and sexy,” stating that NURS will be collaborating with his own Neon Insect project on an upcoming album.


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