Apr 2018 03

New music video from Waylon Reavis fronted A Killer's Confession
Fronted by former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis, A Killer’s Confession has released a music video for the band’s new single “Angel on the Outside.” Directed by Scott Johnson of Rock Titan TV, the video and song’s themes deal with accepting responsibility and learning from action to make better choices; as Reavis explains, the song “shows how decisions can change the course of your life forever – sometimes for good and sometimes bad.”

With an IndieGoGo Campaign currently running for the band’s sophomore album, titled The Indifference of Good Men, Reavis further states, “The AKC beast will not be contained and are continuing to create new material,” with promises to write, tour, and record throughout 2018. A Killer’s Confession released its debut album, UNBROKEN in 2017 via EMP Label Group, with The Indifference of Good Men to be a more independent venture; the band’s current lineup includes bassist JP Cross, guitarist Rocky Sobawn, and drummer Morgan Bauer. Reavis had also contributed vocals to the song “Judas Kiss” on industrial/rock group REVillusion’s 2016 debut album New Extinction.


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