May 2017 22

New music from No:Carrier and Chris Wirsig
Chris Wirsig - Signals From...Chris Wirsig – front man for dark electro band No:Carrier – has released a new solo album, titled Signals From…, containing 11 instrumental tracks with a retro feel, paying homage to the work of electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Vangelis. Wirsig explains that the album was inspired by the idea that “Mankind has always been searching for signals from somewhere else – from the gods or from other civilizations. This urge to explore the unknown always fascinated me, and these songs are the soundtrack to this exploration and the science that furthers mankind’s progress. In a time when science and progress are denied by an ever growing number of people, it is extremely important to make it exciting and fun for everyone again, so our society won’t fall back into another dark age.”
No:Carrier - Broken RainbowNo:Carrier is currently working on a new album of “even darker” songs inspired by the current state of the world, which the band expects to release later this year. The project has a trio of releases scheduled for June 9: A “dark and creepy” video for the cover of “Bad Moon Rising” featuring Liza Marie Sparks from the 2016 Broken Rainbow album, the release of “Bad Moon Rising” as a single on Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes, and an instrumental version of the entire Broken Rainbow album as a free download on the No:Carrier Bandcamp page


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