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New electro/synthpop collaboration between The New Division and Missing Words
Digital Shades, the collaborative project of The New Division’s John Kunkel and Missing Words’ James Meays has released its debut EP, Moonraker, preceded by the “Blue” single. The partnership grew from the pair’s appreciation of ’80s synthpop into more than two dozen songs over the course of a year. Kunkel says that while deciding which tracks made it onto the EP was difficult, the six chosen for the EP are “what we felt best captured the sound and feeling we were aiming for.” He further comments, “It was strenuous but exciting all the way through. I look forward to the next record we work on together.” When In Rome vocalist Clive Farrington appears on the album opener, with Kunkel and Meays sharing vocals on the remaining tracks. Moonraker was released on August 7 via Bandcamp.


Earlier this year, The New Division released the Fader EP, with F.J. DeSanto (Trade Secrets, Hypefactor) co-producing, and Meays performing guitars on the track “Sextext;” live drummer Alex Gonzales is currently on tour with electro/rock band Julien-K. Missing Words released the Memories EP in January of 2017, with Kunkel appearing on the track “Howl at the Moon.”


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