Mar 2017 14

New dark electronic band from God Module's Jasyn Bangert to release debut via Metropolis
Hexheart - Midnight on a Moonless NightGod Module front man Jasyn Bangert’s Hexheart project will release its debut album, Midnight on a Moonless Night, on June 9, 2017 via Metropolis Records. Originally intended as an outlet for Bangert’s musical output that didn’t fit into God Module, Hexheart is no mere side project. Longtime collaborator Andrew Pearson’ synths and backing vocals and Patrick Hogan’s guitars round out the band’s dark, melancholy sound, taking on a less industrial sound than Bangert’s more well known outlet. Hexheart’s fusion of darkwave, synthpop, post-punk, and dark electronica nods to such influences as The Cure, Joy Division, Cold Cave, and She Wants Revenge, while creating a sound all the band’s own. Pre-orders for the Midnight on a Moonless Night are available now at Storming the Base.


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