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Nero Bellum, 2019
Psyclon Nine front man Nero Bellum has announced the release of his debut solo album, titled NFRNº, with a release date of May 24 via Metropolis Records. In contrast to the heavier, metal-laden industrial tones of his main band, NFRNº sees Bellum pursuing a more exploratory route with modular synthesizers; recorded live in the studio over the course of two years, Bellum states that his goal was “to find songs through experimentation while capturing every click and pop in the process.” As such, each track showcases a more traditional approach that eschews the use of overdubs and computers in the creative process, focusing more on improvisation and atmosphere; he continues, “Every imperfection that would otherwise be edited out and discarded would be celebrated and pushed forward to the center of my canvas.” He cites the influence of West Coast synthesis pioneers like Morton Subotnik and Suzanne Ciani, along with the “Buchla format and philosphy,” refrering to the eminent synthesizer company, whose unique approaches and designs revolutionized modern electronic instruments.
NFRNº is available for pre-order now via the Metropolis Records webstore and Bandcamp in CD and digital formats; additionally, an autographed CD edition limited to 30 is also available on Nero Bellum’s Bandcamp.


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