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Following up on 2018’s acclaimed Glitches album, German industrial act Neon Insect has announced the release of its latest full-length outing, titled New Moscow Underground. Described by Neon Insect’s Nils Sinatsch as a “dystopian concept album,” the record will feature the project’s usual blend of industrial and electronic styles to relate an “Orwellian cyberpunk story” about the conquest of North America by the fictional “New Russian Empire,” with the digital version to feature a fully voice acted audio drama to supplement the music; in addition, the limited cassette editions – the “Soviet Tape Edition” – of the album will be on Russian produced tapes. Available for pre-order now and with a release date of August 30, New Moscow Underground features guest performances by NURS, Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip, and Colin Cameron Allrich of Slighter.

Prior to the album, Neon Insect released the New Moscow Exile Sounds EP on April 19 of this year, containing two experimental songs based on tracks now featured on New Moscow Underground. Available as a name-your-price item, the EP can be seen as a thematic complement and sonic prequel to the full-length record.


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