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Neon Cities unveils new single and music video
Denver duo Neon Cities has released its first music video for the new single, “Toulouse,” following on the success of the In Waves EP. The title comes from Neon Cities’ Chase Dobson, who developed the song’s concept on a day off in the city of Toulouse while touring with down-tempo/ambient artist Tycho. The video for “Toulouse” comes as a psychedelic and sensual composition, featuring time lapse botanical and nature footage moving in time and emphasizing audible cues in the track to visually accentuate the beautiful nature of Toulouse.

Complementing the single is the B-side track, “Storm on the Isle,” of which the band states, “Those familiar with Neon Cities’ prior releases will recognize the ’80s soundtrack aesthetic from ‘Arcade Dreamer,'” the closing track from the Tessier-Ashpool debut EP. “If Toulouse is a sun-bleached visit to the South of France, the B Side is its dark side, a sprawling, moody, ambient excursion in a rain soaked isle off of Scotland in mid-October.”

Toulouse is available through most major digital music outlets for streaming or purchase. It’s been a busy year for Chase Dobson who also released an EP for his other project Cellar Graves in August, along with that project’s cover of Bigod 20’s “The Bog,” released earlier this month. In addition, he was a major contributor on To Touch the Milky Way, the latest album from fellow darkwave act Black Tape for a Blue Girl.


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