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Neil Davidge to score Halo 4 soundtrackNeil Davidge, renowned for his work with trip-hop act Massive Attack, has been tapped to score the soundtrack for Halo 4. “It was an honor to compose and produce the Halo 4 score,” said Davidge. “I am so proud of the way the OST has turned out and to have had the opportunity to evolve the great legacy of Halo music. To be able to then collaborate with these talented DJs and musicians on various remixes was a real bonus as it is always fun and interesting to see how others interpret and reimagine what you have created.”
The soundtrack will be released October 22, featuring 15 tracks. A limited-edition two-disc box set will be available, including 14 remixes by Caspa, DJ Skee, Apocalyptica, and more.
“I have been a fan of Halo since day one, and when I heard Neil’s epic compositions for Halo 4, I was blown away,” said DJ Skee. “When we got the opportunity to remix and add our style, I wanted to create something just as epic that could stand alongside both the original composition and Halo 4 itself.”
A preview track from the soundtrack can be heard on the Rolling Stone website at
As well, several samples from the soundtrack can be heard on Neil Davidge’s SoundCloud page.


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