Feb 2020 05

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After the F U J I EP in August 2019, followed by the “IAMYOU” single in December, Cleveland based Afro-darkwave artist N A T U R E has released a full-length album, V O I X. Inspired by W.E.B. Du Bois’ idea of “double consciousness” and finding one’s inner voice, the album arrived on February 4 via Future Now Records, with the “All In Time” single released in advance of the album. A veteran of the Cleveland punk and hardcore scene, Nate Eberhardt began the project to create music that invites people to dance and feel inspired in spite of life’s daily hardships, blending elements of ’80s electronics, Afro-futurism, coldwave, and post-punk. V O I X is available digitally via Bandcamp, with “The Wire” offered as a non-streaming bonus track.


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