May 2019 13

Musique Pour La Danse issues previously unreleased documentary soundtrack by COIL
One of the most influential entities in industrial and experimental music, COIL produced several soundtracks alongside the band’s regular discography, including one for a VHS-only documentary The Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex. Although the instructional sexual education documentary was released in 1992 via Pride Video, COIL’s soundtrack has until now never been issued, with longtime collaborator Danny Hyde having now provided the original masters to what founding member John Balance had referred to as a “slightly new agey, progressive house type thing.” Available to pre-order now via Storming the Base in CD digipak and purple vinyl variants, as well as via the Musique Pour La Danse Bandcamp in CD, vinyl, and digital formats, this new edition of The Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex includes a new alternative edit of the main theme. Also included are the bonus tracks “Nasa-Arab” and “Omlagus Garfungiloops,” which were originally released on the 1992 Stolen and Contaminated Songs collection; both tracks were heavily reworked for the soundtrack album, culminating in the tracks “Nasa-Arab 2” and “Exploding Frogs.”


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