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Music video director Eric Zimmerman premieres feature debutAcclaimed director Eric Zimmerman – the man behind some of the industrial and alternative music scene’s most iconic videos, including Nine Inch Nails’ “Down In It” and “Head Like a Hole” and Soundgarden’s “Jesus Christ Pose” and “Rusty Cage” – makes his feature film debut with Caller ID: Entity. Zimmerman explains that, although the subject matter of mind control research may seem fantastical, the dark sci-fi film “was inspired by real life phone messages I received from an anonymous woman. The messages are very disturbing, and I imagined what the story behind them could be. As I investigated further, I discovered a whole underground network of psychological torture, victims of mind control experimentation. Everything in the movie is based on real messages and victim testimonials. It makes you wonder where this technology is really going in the near future.” He admits that the unorthodox inspiration and subsequent distillation into a narrative stretched his boundaries as a filmmaker. “To reverse-engineer a story from actual phone messages is a different approach to making a movie. I’m not sure if it’s ever been done before. The style also reflects the fragmentation and paranoia of having your brain hacked. This project, though challenging, inspired all of us to push beyond the limits of the traditional filmmaking process.”
Starring in Caller ID Entity are James Duval and Nathan Bexton (both alumni of the films of Gregg Araki), John Cho (Star Trek, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle), Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects), Elisa Dowling (who has appeared in numerous titles in the exploitation horror genre, as well as two video shorts by Twiztid), and Anne Girard (Crank: High Voltage).
Featured on the film’s soundtrack are several luminaries of the industrial scene, including Trash Deity (the new project of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult’s Franke “Groovie Mann” Nardiello and Blue Eyed Christ’s John D. Norten), Acucrack, Lab Report, and DJ Swamp (MINISTRY), among others.
Produced by Tiger Eyes Media – run by Zimmerman and Angela Izzo – and distributed by ITN Distribution, an Exclusive Premiere Screening of Caller ID: Entity will be held January 10 at Ahrya Fine Arts By Laemmle in Beverly Hills, with a Q&A session afterwards. The trailer for Zimmerman’s next feature, The Benders Circuit, a documentary on LA’s electronic audiovisual performance scene, will also debut at the screening.


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