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Mortiis unveils new single, music video from upcoming albumNorway’s industrial/rock oddity Mortiis has released the first single from the upcoming album The Great Deceiver as a free download; “Doppelganger” is now available from the band’s website, including a remix from German EBM act :Wumpscut:, as well as a screensaver, and a downloadable music video. Of the song, front mane and namesake Mortiis – a.k.a. Håvard Ellefsen – states, “As a song, ‘Doppelganger’ not so much investigates or peeks into a conflicted psyche, as it just rips it open and exposes someone for being a two faced piece of shit.” He continues, “Perhaps I treat myself harshly. But it’s there now, in my face, and I don’t disagree with what the song is saying.” In addition, the song conveys Mortiis’ reaction to record companies’ stifling of his creative vision over the years; “I always thought that if our music or imagery pissed someone off, or made them want to puke in their mouths, that would be a way better reaction than indifference.”
The music video, directed by Robyn Van Swank and Nick Plotquin, features graphic images of torture and mutilation, presenting what Mortiis refers to as, “a rough sort of irony in it all with the physical and psychological mutilation.” Post production for the video was conducted by Monomenn.
Further material from The Great Deceiver will be previewed by the band on the Devils be Damned tour, on which Mortiis will be making a return to the United States with Mushroomhead. Tour dates can be found via the Mortiis website. The official release date for The Great Deceiver is yet to be determined, but has been slated for early 2016.


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