Aug 2016 23

Mortiis to release free single and bonus music videoNorwegian industrial/rock act Mortiis will be issuing “Geiteskrank,” the fourth single from the band’s new album The Great Deceiver on August 26. Having begun as a remix of “The Shining Lamp of God,” the song took shape as its own entity and is not actually featured on the album. The song, which served as the soundtrack to Vardøger, the first entry in Norwegian grindhouse director’s Reinert Kiil’s latest series, made its debut earlier this year, but has not been avalable for download until now; Vardøger will also be included in the free download. Mortiis states of the song and video, “When ‘Geisteskrank’ took form, it sort of became this nod towards those early stages of that song, title-wise if nothing else. Eventually, Reinert Kiil began his mini-film trilogy, and wanted to use ‘Geisteskrank’ as the soundtrack for the first part, and that’s how it made its debut, so to speak.” The single also includes an edit of album track “Road to Ruin” as a B-side.
Mortiis will be performing shows in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Ireland in October – dates can be found via the band’s website. The Great Deceiver, Mortiis’ ninth album, was released via the artist’s own Omnipresence label on March 4 of this year.


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