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Mortiis to embark on European and Australian tours reinterpreting 1994 "Era 1" album
Having recently performed a live reinterpretation of his Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør album from 1994 at the Cold Meat Industry 30th anniversary celebration, Norwegian dark industrial act Mortiis will be taking the album for a series of European tour dates. The tour will begin in Trondheim, Norway on February 17 and continue until July 14 in Bolków, Poland, after which, Mortiis will conduct a tour in Australia for the remainder of the month. A full listing of tour dates can be found via the band’s website. Mortiis front man Håvard Ellefsen had stated the intent of the live performance was to ” excavate it from 1994 and drag it into the new light of the current world, while retaining the atmosphere of the original sound.” Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør dates back to the “Era 1” period, during which Mortiis heralded a darker ambient “dungeon synth” sound before transitioning to the demonic industrial/rock outfit it would become. The band will also be showcasing newly printed “Era 1” merch, including T-shirts, longsleevers, buttons, and posters, as well as vinyl and CD reissues of Ånden som Gjorde OpprørM and Keiser av en Dimensjon Ukjent; both were rereleased on November 3, 2017, along with Født til å Herske, which was only available in the U.S.A..


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