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Mortiis revives the maskIndustrial/rock artist Mortiis has revived the use of his renowned goblin mask, having shelved the prosthetic some time after the release of 2007’s Some Kind of Heroin. The artist explains his decision, “The return of the mask – at least for it to be part of the equation again – had to happen sooner or later. I guess I just needed to put a lot of stuff in its right place in my mind before I was ready to consider putting it back on.” He also cites his love for “visual sh*t” and states, “I eventually worked my way through the disillusionment, hate, indifference and finally back into the reincarnated goodwill towards it.” Of the initial retirement of the mask, Mortiis also had to say, “The idea of the mask just rotted away for me, and for a long time it was just this vile thing that I couldn’t relate to. It was someone else…” He continues, “For years, I’ve been stubbornly telling everyone who wanted me to revive the mask to get f**ked, more or less.”
The return of the mask comes on the eve of the band’s latest album, The Great Deceiver, scheduled for release on March 4 via MRI, followed by a UK tour in May. Pre-orders for the album are now available via Amazon.com and iTunes, while tour dates can be found on the Mortiis website. The preceding singles from the album, “Doppelganger” and “The Shining Lamp of God” are available as free downloads via the Mortiis bandcamp; the goblin mask is not featured in either of the music videos for the singles.


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