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Mortiis returns to the United States on tour with MushroomheadNorwegian industrial/rock act Mortiis will be making its return to the United States on the Devils be Damned tour in preparation for the band’s upcoming ninth album, The Great Deceiver. This marks the band’s first tour on American soil since the 2005 Blackest of the Black tour and a 2006 stint with The Genitorturers. Joining Mortiis for this tour will be alt./industrial/metal act Mushroomhead, and the band promises to be previewing material from The Great Deceiver along with several favorites from the Mortiis discography. “The idea of going back on the road fills me with a weird sense of excitement and dread,” says front man and Håvard Ellefsen; “we’re getting back out there, brushing off the dust and rust, to get ready for that, and whatever lies beyond.” Of the album, which has been in a long production period since the band’s 2010 digital release of Perfectly Defect, Ellefsen states, “It’s been one hell of a steep climb to where we’re at right now, and knowing me, I’ll step right off of that ledge and plunge head first into the abyss.”
Ellefsen, who is better known as the band’s namesake, adopted the Mortiis moniker in 1991 as a founding member of influential black metal band Emperor before departing after one year to begin his own band; to date, he has been the sole consistent member through all of the band’s incarnations, beginning first as a solo ambient act (Era I) that steadily evolved to include elements of electro-pop (Era II) and finally its current industrial/rock form (Era III). The Great Deceiver is stated to begin a new phase of development for the band, so named Era 0. Initially known for donning a prosthetic goblin/elf mask, Ellefsen discarded the mask following the release of the Some Kind of Heroin remix album in 2007.
The Devils be Damned tour begins on October 3 in Greencastle, PA, continuing until Halloween in Cleveland, OH. Tour dates can be found on the Mortiis website.


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