Jun 2017 21

Moonspell to release new album in Portuguese, announces three special performances
Portuguese gothic metal band Moonspell has announced a new concept album, 1755. Sung entirely in Portuguese, the album commemorates the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755, one of the deadliest of all time. The band describes the album as “a poetic, musical and philosophical reflection of the band about the tragic event that took place on November 1, 1755 in Lisbon, decimating the entire city. It’s mostly a metal record, with vibrant riffs, epic orchestration and vocals and lyrics, which invoke the agony of that day” combined with “fusion, percussion, and a melodic approach” to invoke the grandeur of 18th century Lisbon. While the 10 tracks remotely echo previous efforts, the band promises that the album will be Moonspell as you never heard before, “with the fire of their native language and 900 years of history to unveil! An historical, rigorous, serious, artistic record. A black beast from Portugal that the metal scene so craves,” Moonspell will host a trio of special performances to coincide with the release on October 30 and 31, and November 1, where the band will play “1755 in its entirety but also recover some obscure stuff we haven’t been playing for many years.” The shows will be produced by the band in partnership with their own label, Alma Mater Records, in collaboration with main label Napalm Records. Ticket prices include a CD or double vinyl edition of the album, with the first 500 receiving signed copies. Tickets for all three dates are available for pre-sale now. 1755 will be available in stores November 3.


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