Mar 2019 26

Mona Mur releases new music video, announces latest solo record
A legendary figure in underground music, Mona Mur has revealed a new music video for the track “Motorboy” off her upcoming solo release Delinquent. Directed by renowned German arthouse auteur Elfi Mikesch and edited by Dominik Backhaus, “Motorboy” showcases a frantic and surreal look at the American landscape, shot by Mur in 2012 on a Nokia phone near Barstow during a tour with En Esch; as described by, the video is “a hip vintage joyride through the Mojave desert conjuring the imagery analog to the seductive celluloid of 1965’s Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!.”

“Motorboy” is the first single off Delinquent, released in February of 2019, with And.Y’s Hell RMX of the song following in March, along with the “Sandsturm” single, all of which are available now via Bandcamp. Delinquent marks Mona Mur’s third official solo album and is due for release on March 29 via Freibank Recordings in CD and digital formats; Mur is joined on the album by the likes of En Esch, Kristof Hahn (SWANS), Bettina Köster (Malaria!), Anja Huwe (Xmal Germany), Annika Line Trost (Cobra Killer), guitarist Rudy Nielson (inter alia Nena + Alphaville), and more. Pre-orders are now available via Bandcamp. Mur has also teased collaborations with Shikhee (Android Lust) and Dieter Meier (YELLO) on future remix and music video projects.


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