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Moby teams up with Darth & Vader for collaboration trackElectronic legend Moby has teamed up with Brazilian electro/house artist Darth & Vader to present his first release through Dim Mak Records, titled Death Star. The release features the collaboration track along with two remixes by Tristan Garner and the duo of Tom Piper and Rob Pix. A track preview is available through SoundCloud, while the full release is now available through iTunes and Beatport.
Moby released his first single, “Go” in 1991 (listed as one of Rolling Stone’s best records of all time); his records have sold over 20,000,000 copies worldwide, and he’s also produced and remixed scores of other artists, including David Bowie, Metallica, the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and many others. Darth & Vader’s releases have received support from the likes of Armin Van Buuren and Skrillex, with his remix of Dataloss’s “Freefire” reaching #3 on Beatport Electro House. Moby has also been a fan of Darth & Vader since his support of the track “Return of the Jedi.”


Moby Website http://www.moby.com
Moby Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mobymusic
Moby Twitter http://twitter.com/thelittleidiot
Moby Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/moby
Darth & Vader Facebook https://www.facebook.com/darthvaderlive
Darth & Vader Twitter https://twitter.com/DarthVaderLive
Darth & Vader Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/darthvaderlive
Dim Mak Records Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dimmakrecs
Dim Mak Records Twitter https://twitter.com/dimmakrecs
Dim Mak Records Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/dimmakrecords
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