Oct 2018 05

Miss FD releases latest collaboration with Vulture Culture
Having released her fourth full-length studio album Transcendence earlier this year, dark electro artist Miss FD has now unveiled a new single and lyric video for the track “Ashes of Stars.” Available for $1.00 on Bandcamp, the standalone single is Miss FD’s latest collaboration with fellow industrial artist/producer Vulture Culture, with whom she has worked on various tracks throughout her career. Among their past collaborations are “Delirium” from Transcendence and the song “New Era,” which was featured on Alfa Matrix’s Electronic Body Matrix, Vol. 2 compilation. The video for “Ashes of Stars” was created by Psyklon Industries and shot by MWC.


Based in South Florida, Vulture Culture released his latest album, a soundtrack to She Cried Against Strangling (a text based survival horror adventure he’d written for Quest) was released in April of this year.


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