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Not having released a full-length album in 19 years, Swedish industrial/metal act Misery Loves Co now presents a new single, “Way Back Home,” as a preview of an upcoming record. Written by the core duo of Patrik Wirén and Örjan Örnkloo with Michael Hahne, and featuring drums by Jesper Skarin, “Way Back Home” marks the band’s fourth single release since its reformation in 2016, following the singles “Would You?,” “Suburban Breakdown,” and a cover of Garbage’s “Only Happy When It Rains;” all four singles are available to purchase via the Misery Loves Co Bandcamp. The as-yet-untitled album is currently in the mixing stages, with Roberto Laghi and Richard Sporrong mixing and mastering, respectively; it will be the band’s first full-length release since 2000’s prophetically titled Your Vision Was Never Mine to Share – that same year, after the band embarked on a European tour, Misery Loves Co announced its breakup. During the initial run, the band had toured with the likes of Slayer, Fear Factory, earthtone9, and Machine Head; after the 1995 self-titled debut, prominent metal label Earache signed the band for the release of 1997’s Not Like Them and 2000’s Your Vision Was Never Mine to Share.



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