May 2014 30

MINISTRY to tour once moreAl Jourgensen has announced plans to take MINISTRY on the road to celebrate 100 days of reported sobriety. In a statement posted on May 30 via Jourgensen’s Facebook, he went on to say, “The set will be (From Beer to Eternity) in its exact order… and a few oldies for an encore.” He also goes on to say, “It just won’t be America and Europe this time. We’ll see ya down under as well as Mexico, South America, and Japan.”
MINISTRY was officially dissolved by Jourgensen following the tragic death of guitarist Mike Scaccia in December, 2012. “Mikey was always on my right as my right hand man,” said Jourgensen in his September, 2013 InterView with ReGen Magazine. “Now Sin (Quirin) has moved up to my right hand man. If Tommy (Victor) will do it, then he’ll be my left hand man.” In his Facebook statement, he says, “It’s a secret for now, but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the dude that’ll take Mikey’s place.”
This news reverses Jourgensen’s earlier assesments that a MINISTRY tour would “just be me speaking at colleges and lecturing college students on different subjects.” Jourgensen has, however, confirmed that there is “still not a chance in hell there will be another MINISTRY album.”
MINISTRY’s final album, From Beer to Eternity was released on September 10, 2013 and made the #12 spot on ReGen Magazine’s Top 20 Albums of 2013.


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