Mar 2014 21

Minibus Pimps streams track from debut albumDark ambient duo Minibus Pimps, composed of John Paul Jones (best known as the bassist/multi-instrumentalist for Led Zeppelin) and Deathprod artist Helge Sten, has unveiled its newest track “Superbolt,” from the 2014 debut album Cloud to Ground. The track is currently available for streaming through Soundcloud. “I would say that the music contains composed and improvisational elements on an equal scale,” says Helge Sten of the pieces on Cloud to Ground. Each track on the album references “remarkable luminous phenomena in nature,” with titles such as “Black Aurora pt.1-4,” “Cloud to Ground,” and “Superbolt.”
The Minibus Pimps duo formed in 2011. John Paul Jones has collaborated, produced, and arranged for a range of artists including Diamanda Galás, REM, Foo Fighters, Peter Gabriel, Merce Cunningham, and many more; in 2009, he formed Them Crooked Vultures with Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. Helge Sten has composed since the early ’90s, both under the name Deathprod and, since 1997, as one of the improvising group Supersilent. Cloud to Ground is currently available through iTunes.


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