May 2018 29

Mike Garson and other David Bowie alumni pay tribute with world tour
Having completed the 2017 Aladdin Sane tour, celebrated pianist Mike Garson continues to pay tribute to his longtime collaborator David Bowie with A Bowie Celebration: The David Bowie Alumni Tour, featuring a number of musicians who have played with Bowie over the course of the late artist’s long career. Among the musicians participating are Earl Slick, Mark Plati, Carmine Rojas, and Gerry Leonard, a lineup that Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood referred to be “as close are you’re going to get to Bowie.” Other musicians taking part in the tour are Joe Sumner (Fiction Plane), Corey Glover (Living Colour), Bernard Fowler (TACK>>HEAD, The Rolling Stones), and Lee John, with Gaby Moreno joining for the tour’s U.S. dates. Garson comments that although he had been asked to play with numerous Bowie tribute bands, he’d always rejected these offers, “because I could play with the real deal,” further elaborating that “the principal difference between us and the tribute bands out there and this is the only Bowie tour we’ll be taking part in.” The U.S. leg of the tour features three September dates in San Diego, CA, Reno, NV, and Saratoga, CA, while the European leg begins next year on January 9 in Dublin, Ireland, ending on February 1 in Zurich, Switzerland; tickets to the first 19 announced shows, as well as a full itinerary of dates are available via the tour’s website.



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