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Metropolis Records continues its campaign to introduce to North American audiences the hot and exciting acts from abroad with the signing of Stockholm based group A Projection. Blending elements of post-punk, electronica, and pop, the band was founded in 2013 and has forged a danceable sound that has carried across two full-length albums, with Section marking the third and A Projection’s debut with Metropolis on October 25, now available for pre-order in CD, digital, and vinyl formats via Bandcamp and the Metropolis webstore.

A video for the album’s introductory single and first track “Something Whole” has been released, with Metropolis stating that the song perfectly exemplifies what Section has to offer – “a catchy hook line, a vocal that transports depth, emotion, and a real ’80s spirit,” along with elements “reminiscent of the spearheads of the early ’90s goth rock movement.” A Projection’s past albums – 2017’s Framework and the 2015 Exit debut – are available via Tapete Records.


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