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Mentallo & the Fixer release remastered works through Alfa MatrixTexan electro/industrial duo Mentallo & the Fixer will release its latest album, titled Zothera, on September 26 through Alfa Matrix. The three-disc release contains remastered tracks from past albums Revelations 23 and Where Angels Fear to Tread, both dating back to the band’s time on the Zoth Ommog label, as well as the exclusive Apocrypha disc, a retrospective album featuring 16 hidden tracks with a majority of previously unreleased remixes/versions. “The remastering made such a huge difference,” says Gary Dassing (Mentallo). “I’m so very pleased with the quality. It’s amazing! It’s like reliving a specific defined memory for me.” A free bonus 18 track CD label compilation is included, titled Sounds from the Matrix 015, featuring previously unreleased songs from most recent and forthcoming releases on the Alfa Matrix label.


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  1. dirk bruhse says:

    sorry – but these “remastered” version a the worst crap ever! DONT BUY IT!!! Its just “loudness before sound” – cheap multiband-compression, bad filtering and eqing makes the mix muddy, uncrisp and destroys the whole audiophile aspect of the original releases.

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