Oct 2014 29

Meg Lee Chin releases new song and music videoMeg Lee Chin has released a new music video for her song “I Can’t Pull the Trigger,” marking the London-based artist’s first solo release in 14 years. Says Chin of the song, “As a kid, the rules of war made no sense to me. If countries can get together and agree upon rules of which bullets to use, or how to treat your prisoners, why not just agree to ban war altogether?” She continues, “Surely, if the parties can get into a room and negotiate calmly in the first place, what’s top stop them from deciding, ‘OK, we’ll agree not to allow war at all.’ What leverage was used to enforce these rules of war?”
“I Can’t Pull the Trigger” features Karl Hussey on drums, while the music video was filmed in London.
Besides her acclaimed albums Piece and Love and Junkies and Snakes, Chin is perhaps best known for her collaborations with Pigface, having appeared on A New High in Low, Easy Listening, and the group’s live Eat Shit You Fucking Redneck album. She also appeared as a guest performer on the H3llb3nt album Hardcore Vanilla, recorded several remix covers of MINISTRY, Dead Kennedys, and David Bowie, and is the co-founder for the online forum Gearslutz.com for producers and sound engineers. Her music has been featured in such television programs as Queer as Folk and Witchblade.


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