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Meat Beat Manifesto announces new album, titled after "World's Ugliest Color"
One of the most celebrated and innovative acts in electronic music, Meat Beat Manifesto continues to blaze new trails with the upcoming album, titled Opaque Couché, finding mastermind Jack Dangers on a trek to return to his roots and effectively reinvent it. Deriving its title from what had been described as the “World’s Ugliest Color” by Brooklyn art blog Hyperallergic, the album presents MBM’s trademark pursuit of bending sounds, textures, and voices, blending deep bass grooves and expansive sound design with intricately programmed breakbeats, with Dangers commenting, “I am using familiar breakbeats but manipulating them into something new – familiar breaks in unfamiliar places.” He further states that “Opaque Couché continues the search for the most imperfect pop song,” going onto refer to it as a companion to MBM’s Impossible Star, released in January 2018. The record’s introductory single, “Pin Drop” premiered on March 6 on FLOOD Magazine; of the song, Dangers explains, “I heard a pin drop and it struck me as a sound that I never quite ‘heard’ and had to write a song about it.”

Due for release on May 10 on the band’s own Flexidisc virtual label, Opaque Couché will be released in standard CD, digital, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders available via Bandcamp. In addition, the record will be released in an “especially-ugly” colored vinyl edition, in conjunction with U.K. publication Electronic Sound, limited to 300 copies and available via the Meat Beat Manifesto website.


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