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Meat Beat Manifesto announces first new album in seven years
Meat Beat Manifesto will release the band’s first full-length album in seven years, Impossible Star, on January 19, 2018. The innovative and influential UK electronic group’s front man Jack Dangers describes the album as “similar to an MC Escher optical illusion, which spirals around and around and never seems to end, which can be used as a metaphor of many current events and other pertinent things right now.” Impossible Star has an experimental feel, with political and cultural events woven into a stylistically diverse musical collage, with Dangers further stating that while “MBM has always gone in many different directions,” this particular moment in history is especially ripe for the artistic picking. He goes on to explain that “‘I Am Surrounded’ and ‘T.M.I.’ represent the paranoid xenophobic ‘so-called’ fake news cycle we are living in. But seriously at this point, I really wouldn’t know what to say. We’ve entered a world of surrealism, which is uncharted territory for me… or maybe it’s territory we’ve been through before in the ’30s? What do I know? Further explorations are in the pipeline!” MBM will bring its provocative live show to the ColdWaves L.A. industrial festival on November 11, with a full tour in support of the album in the works for 2018. Dangers expresses his state of caution for the following year, “Well, I am afraid at this point it looks like it’s going to be fear… more fear… I got the fear… happy new year! <mis·in·for·ma·tion> is all we are gonna get now.” Impossible Star is available for pre-order through iTunes, Google, and Bandcamp.


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