Oct 2018 25

Matt Zane to create new music videos for Static-X Project Regeneration
With the recent announcement that the original members of Static-X will be recording a new album, titled Project Regeneration, featuring the last recordings of Wayne Static, Matt Zane – lead vocalist of fellow industrial/metal band Society 1 and a longtime friend and collaborator of Static’s – has been tapped by the band to create the music videos for the new album. An established director of music videos, Zane was a natural choice for the band having directed the final three videos for Wayne Static’s Pighammer album; with the Project Regeneration announcement video, he continues a posthumous collaboration with Static as he employed numerous outtakes to place him alongside the original Static-X band members via rotoscoping. “I really wanted to actually get Wayne in there visually,” Zane comments, “so it was the four of them back together again not only musically but visually.” He goes on to describe the rotoscoping process as “Extremely detailed and long, but completely worth the wait,” further stating it to be a surreal but “amazing experience” to work with the band, feeling as if “I was able to get to work with Wayne one more time.” In addition, bassist Tony Campos praises Zane on the amount of love and effort he put into the video, stating that “Matt did an amazing job,” and expressing enthusiasm for future collaboration. Zane concludes “To be able to come in and pay my respects and help Wayne finish his final offerings for all the fans was an incredible experience.”

Society 1 is currently recording a new album, titled Black Level Six, with plans to perform some year end shows before 2019. Zane has directed music videos for such bands and artists as John 5, Orgy, DOPE, Zakk Wylde, Motograter, 3 Headed Snake, and more. Project Regeneration will feature the original members of Static-X – bassist Tony Campos, drummer Ken Jay, and guitarist Koichi Fukuda – working with founder and front man Wayne Static for the first time since the 1999 release of the band’s debut Wisconsin Death Trip, with plans to embark on a 20th Anniversary Tour next year.


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