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Mark Reeder to release vinyl edition of latest album featuring collaborations with New Order and more
Mark Reeder - MauerstadtPost-punk pioneer and underground mainstay musician/producer Mark Reeder’s new album, Mauerstadt is a testament to the scope and influence of his inveterate career. The title, which translates to “walled city,” serves both as a warning about those who would divide us and a message of hope, hearkening back to the days of a divided Berlin, where the artists found freedom to explore and create both art and community in spite of the physical barrier. Mauerstadt is meant as an inspiration to break through one’s own barriers and keep an open mind. Reflecting these themes, the album itself presents a wide range of musical styles and a bevvy of new and established artists like Queen of Hearts, Maja Pierro, The KVB, Ekkoes (formerly Echoes), MFU (a.k.a. Modern Family Unit), The Inspiral Carpets, and New Order in a similar framework. The tracks range from the menacing synthpop of The KVB collaboration “In Sight” to the emotional vocals of Maja Pierro’s two tracks to the highly anticipated remixes of New Order’s “Academic” and “The Game.”
Mauerstadt comes on the heels of a DJ set at the opening of the New Order/Joy Division True Faith Exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery and a defiant tour of China with his controversial 2015 documentary B-Movie (Lust & Sound in West Berlin 79-89) in the middle of a government censorship crackdown. Reeder explains, “Two weeks before I left, the Chinese government declared that all films depicting sex, drugs, and violence were forbidden. Well, my film is only about sex, drugs, violence… and music.” The film features the title track for Mauerstadt and footage was used by New Order for the video and live performances of “Singularity.” The seemingly inexhaustible Reeder also managed to squeeze in a handful of club and festival DJ sets and produce two Chinese electronic bands, Stolen and Hang on the Box while abroad.
Mauerstadt is now available via Amazon UK and Mark Reeder’s website in CD formats, including pre-orders for a 180g double white vinyl edition.


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